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About Bala Bala (born July 11, 1966) is a critically acclaimed Tamil film director, writer and film producer of the Chennai film industry in South India.Personal Background Bala was born on July 11, 1966 in Periyakulam, Theni district, Tamil Nadu, India. He studied B.A. Tamil Literature in The American College in Madurai. As a youngster, he was not interested in studies. He is frank enough to admit that he dopped in his college days and was considered by many as he won't come up in life. At certain point he determined to prove himself to the society. After a struggling period he came to Chennai and entered the cinema industry. Then soon he became one of the finest directors in the Tamil Film Industry, cause of his directing skills. And also with a good theme in his films. For example in Sethu is about a tragic love story between a timid brahmin girl and a violent college chairman. In Nandha is about a relationship between a innocent mother and a hot-blooded son. And in Pithamagan is about a friendship between an autistic cemetery guardian and a uneducated thief. Film career He started his film career as an assistant director for the famous National Film Award–winning director and cinematographer Balu Mahendra, where a close friendship between the two grew. Bala is known for his later success. When his first movie Sethu was released, he was in his 30's, but his first movie Sethu which was named earlier as Akilan gave a break to Vikram who was also struggling in the Tamil cine field for more than 12 years without a hit and recognition. But when this movie was released it was a huge hit and it was remade in Kannada, Telugu and Hindi. More than 60 distributors saw the film and hesistated to screen it because of its tragic ending. Bala's next film was Nandha which gave a career boost to Surya. His third film Pithamagan broke all the sentiments which were prevailing in Tamil cinema. A mega hit, it earned a National Film Award for Vikram in the Best Actor category. In 2009 the long waited Naan Kadavul in Tamil featuring Arya and Pooja is released.

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