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About Banu Avar Banu Avar (b. 18 July 1955, Eskisehir) is a Turkish author, journalist, news anchor and political commentator. She started her career at the Turkish magazine Süreç in 1980, and has worked in newspapers such as Günaydin, Dünya, and Vatan. She followed this work with a Masters degree at City University, London and then worked at the BBC as a radio reporter for the Turkish section. Having been trained in BBC documentary section, she was hired by the office of TRT London. A short time later she also became a reporter for the popular TV programme 32. Gün. Documentary or Cyprus and Whiteironhorse are documentaries by Avar that are well-known in Turkey. Since 1985 she has also worked as a regisseur and producer. In 1999, she has also made for TRT 1 and TRT 2 programmes such as Mozaïk and Kaleydeskop. She has also made documentaries for the Discovery Channel and the BBC. In 1999, she started ' documentaries ' with the section at TV8 and worked there as a director until 2004. Afterwards she has stepped concerning to TRT 1 and has them its allerbekendste doucmentaire there, Sinirlar Arasinda (that eingelijk between the borders is called) made. So far more than 20 deliveries on TV have appeared. Furthermore she has also presented an anti-capitalist programme there. Each broadcast has led to others. Countries which have come along include France, the Netherlands, Israel, Palestina, Uzbekistan, Iran, Algeria, Denmark and the U.K. She has also become considerably more critical of Turkey and of other European countries. Because of the Israeli criticism of her documentary Sinirlar Arasinda she had change her its diagram of documentaries. She has several victories and she is one of the most respected journalists and writers on Turkey.

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