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About Belchior Belchior (born Antônio Carlos Gomes Belchior Fontenelle Fernandes, Sobral, Ceará, Brazil, October 26, 1946), is a Brazilian singer and composer. He was one of the first MPB singers from the Brazilian northeast to reach mainstream success, in the early 1970s.In August 2009, Fantástico TV show reported that Belchior hadn't been seen since 2007, after leaving his car parked at the Congonhas Airport, in São Paulo. There were rumors he could be hidden translating Dante's Divine Comedy into Portuguese, a long time announced project. According to the TV news, not even the family had heard of the singer ever since. On August 30 2009, the same TV show found Belchior living with his wife Edna in a small village in San Gregorio de Polanco, Uruguay. In this interview, he declared to be resting, composing and thinking about life.

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