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About Boris III Boris III the Unifier, Tsar of Bulgaria (30 January 1894 – 28 August 1943), originally Boris Klemens Robert Maria Pius Ludwig Stanislaus Xaver (Boris Clement Robert Mary Pius Louis Stanislaus Xavier), son of Ferdinand I, came to the throne in 1918 upon the abdication of his father, following the defeat of the Kingdom of Bulgaria during World War I. This was the country's second major defeat in only five years, after the disastrous Second Balkan War (1913). Under the Treaty of Neuilly, Bulgaria was forced to cede new territories and pay crippling reparations to its neighbors, thereby threatening political and economic stability. Two political forces, the Agrarian Union and the Communist Party, were calling for the overthrowing of the monarchy and the change of the government. It was in these circumstances that Boris succeeded to the throne.

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3. Boyko Borisov 6358
4. Ivan Kostov 4893
5. Khan Asparuh 644
6. Meglena Kuneva 81
7. Boris III 80
8. Simeon I 45
9. Stefan Stambolov 26
10. Todor Aleksandrov 24
11. Ivan Mihailov 18

Leaders & Politicians Ranking

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512. Ali Abdullah Saleh 86
513. Robert Fico 84
514. Karpal Singh 83
515. Meglena Kuneva 81
516. Boris III 80
517. Konrad Adenauer 80
518. Ninoy Aquino 79
519. Tulla Devender Goud 78
520. Hussain Bin Abdullah 77

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