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About F. Mostafa Soltani Foad M. Soltani, or Kak Foad (1948-1979), was a Kurdish political leader, who influenced the events in Eastern Kurdistan after 1979 Iran revolution until summer 1979 when he was killed by Islamic regime's armed forces between Saqqez and Marivan. He was born in Almana, a beautiful village around Marivan city in Eastern Kurdistan, and into a well-known family*. He studied Electrical engineering at Sharif University of Technology. There he voiced students' discontentment,and once resisted the commander of the Royal Gard when he tried to enter the dormitory . After graduation he found himself in many important positions in many cities of Iran, though under the surveillance of the intelligent services of the Shah. Therefore, his applications for work in Kurdistan were constantly refused. He spent many years in the Shah’s prisons before he was released amid Iran’s 1979 revolution and after a hunger strike with other political prisoners.Foundation of Komala and his role In 1969 and with some friends, Kak Foad founded a political group, which later was going to be called ‘Komala’. They believed in socialism and accepted Marxism, though separated themselves from the Soviet bloc and any movement and stance not working on the immediate needs of the society. The 1953 coup put an effective end to the independence and powers of the Majles and practically every other institution in the state other than the crown. The Person of the Shah became the state. In order to insure his ascendancy, the Shah constructed (with CIA’s help) an elaborate and highly efficient police apparatus known as SAVAK (acronym for Sazman-e-Ettela’at va Amniyat-e Keshvar) that permeated every aspect of life in Iran. It was an era of royal absolutism which lasted till 1975, when the deficit in the budget and decrease in the oil revenue triggered the beginning of the end of the Pahlavi dynasty. Secular opposition (the National Front and the Tudeh Party) was suppressed after the coup. Other Groups emerged, which believed in ‘armed revolution’ and distanced themselves from the Tudeh. Komala was a small group in late 1960s (mainly university students and graduates), which did not accept the notion of ‘armed revolution’ and defined themselves quite different from not only the Thudeh tradition, but also from any guerrilla tactic to overthrow the regime. It remained political and clandestine until the night of the revolution (February 11, 1979) when one of its founders, Mohammad Hosain Karimi, died when leading demonstrators to occupy the city police station in Saqqez When Kak Foad was released from prison Kurdistan was experiencing a widespread political change. In a very short time Kak Foad and some members of Komala, popular in their cities, grew into a giant political movement. The thing is it could not have probably happened without Kak Foad. In less than one year Kurdistan, now more urbanised, experienced a democratic, eventful and pleasant period and grew into a politically more mature society with the maximum participation of every single member of it.

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