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About Fady Andraos Fady Andraos (born October 21, 1981) is a Palestinian singer and actor. He was born and raised in Lebanon to a Christian Lebanese father of Palestinian descent and a native Lebanese mother. Fady Andraos' first television appearance was on the Arab edition of the Star Academy reality show in 2005. During the his stay at the Academy, Andraos' talent in acting drew the attention of the Lebanese actor/writer George Khabbaz, whom offered him the lead role in a Lebanese sitcom called Fady w Rady (Arabic: فادي وراضي‎; "Fady and Rady"), starring alongside Khabbaz and Wissam Sabbagh. His first single was "B'albee dalle" (Arabic: بقلبي ضلّي‎; "Stay in my Heart"); a mix of rock music and eastern music, was released on July 9, 2007, and hit the Arabic music charts. His first album will be released in the beginning of 2008, and, at the time, he was working in a shooting another sitcom called Jeeran (Arabic: جيران‎; "Neighbours") along with other fellow Star Academy alumni.

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