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About Faiz Mohammad Faiz Mohammed Hazara (1881–1929) was a Hazara historian, writer and intellectual, among the renowned group of Afghans seeking social and political changes in the country at the beginning of the 20th century. He was a member of what became known as Junbish-i Mashrutyat or The Constitutionalist Movement.Biography Faiz Mohammed was the son of Sa'eed Mohammed Hazara of Ghazni province. He is perhaps best known for his five-volume history of Afghanistan, Sarajul Tawarikh, which provides one of the best references on nineteenth-century Afghan history. The book was written by the encouragement of the court of Amir Habibullah Khan. He was a court clerk, initially, thus the title of Kateb( clerk) in his name. Faiz Mohammed was also the biographer of the Amir. Amir Habibullah Khan imprisoned him in Sherpur for his political activities and his role in the Constitutionalist Movement. However he was soon released by the Amir due to their personal friendship and for having labored to author Sirajul Tawarikh. In 1929, Habibullah,issued a decree on the names of the renown Shiites of Kabul such as Mohammed Ali Jawansher(Jauntier) Chandawali, Qazi Shuhaab, Khalifa Mohmmed Hussein, Ustad Gholam Hassan, and Faiz Mohammad Hazara. They were asked to travel to Dai-Zangi and obtain the support of the Hazara populace in that area. But the Hazara people refused to do so, and the Shiite leaders of Kabul city returned without any success. The disappointed Hamidullah with the help of anti Shiite Pashtun Nomads then ordered them punished for failing in their mission. In the result of the brutal beating, Faiz Mohammad Hazara got sick for a few days, but died one year later during Nadir Shah's reign.

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