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About Fereydoon Foroughi Fereydoon Foroughi (Persian: فريدون فروغي), fourth and last child of his family was born on 29 January, 1951 in Tehran. He contributed greatly to Iranian music and arts and his unique voice and style soon caught on with the people. In addition to his studies in acting, playing the guitar, piano and organ he also composed music. His style was inspired by jazz and blues. He started his professional work in 1971 with the film "Adamak" by Khosrow Haritash. "Adamak" was done by Touraj Shaabankhani and the vocals were by Fereydoon Foroughi. Hits Fereydoon Foroughi is most notably known for his songs "Niyaz" and "Yar-e-Dabestani", which in the 1970s was sung by revolutionary students and ironically, is now sung against the same revolutionary government some 30 years later by students. His other hits include Ghoozak-e-Pa, Ghasedak, Tangna, Mahiyeh Khasteyeh Man, Zendoon-e-Del and Gham-e-Tanhaai.

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