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About Geethu Anna Jose Geethu Ann Jose (born 30 June 1985) is an Indian basketball player. She is currently the captain of India national basketball team (Women's). Her junior association was Kerala Junior Basketball Association, India. She joined the Southern Railway in 2003. She played for the Ringwood (Australia) Hawks during the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Big V seasons and while she was selected to play for Dandenong in the Australian WNBL 2008/9 season; she did not take up that offer. * The Indian Women's basketball team in the Commonwealth Games were playing much taller players. Their worst match was versus hosts Australia who won 146-46, they then lost to England, then beat Mozambique 58-54, then beat Malta 80-47, then lost a match which for 5th and 6th place 70-44 to Mozambique. so finished 6th out of 8 teams. In the Australia match she was India's tallest player, while Australia had 4 players over 187 cm tall. This meant that India had to shoot from further away, which made them do better. She did not come from a family that played that much basketball, other than a brother who played at a club. She played volleyball for a while when young. She would have been a good height for the Indian Women's Volleyball team, too, but opted for basketball. Many of the other players in the Indian team are in 170–179 cm in height. Geethu joined the Southern Indian Railways team in 2003 where the tall centre has been a powerhouse for the team. That team was very good in Indian championships in the 1970s and 1980s, but declined for a while as of restrictions of who they could get. She like many of their best Golden Era players also played for Kottayam of Kerala, before the joining of the railways team. It was when she represented Kerala at a Basketball championships that the Southern team signed her. She did this after a degree at Assumption College, Chenganacherry. She has played in two senior championships in Japan and China since becoming a more full time player, plus invitational tournaments in Malaysia and Thailand. She became a regular on the national team from 2002. After representing India in the Asian title. At the Commonwealth Games she was seen as the MVP of India. It was felt she was the great hope of Indian basketball and could make it grow, after an Australian team signed her up, Her height is tall for Indian basketball and this is talked of a lot when she plays. For instance in one late 2005 tournament her team beat Delhi in the final 95-50, with her scoring 34 points. It is hoped by many that she will be the centre of Indian Women's Basketball,

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