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About Gholām-Hossein Gholām-Hossein Banān (Persian: غلامحسين بنان) (May , 1911, Gholhak, Tehran — February 27 , 1986, Gholhak, Tehran) was an Iranian musician and singer. He was born into a musical family. His father, Karim Khān Banān ol-Douleh Nurí (كريم خان بنان الدوله نوري), was a musician (and calligrapher), and his mother, daughter of Prince Mohammad Taqi Mirza Rokn ed-Dowleh (محمد تقي ميرزا ركن الدوله)(son of Mohammad Shah Qajar and brother of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar), was an accomplished pianist; one brother and two sisters also played the tar as pupils of the renowned musician Morteza Neydāvood.From the age of six Gholam-Hossein Banān began to take lessons in singing and playing the piano and organ through the encouragement of Morteza Neydāvood (مرتضي ني داود) who was quick to recognize him as musically talented. Gholām-Hossein's first teachers were his parents. He subsequently studied with Mirzā Tāher Ziā oz-Zākerin Rasā'í (ميرزا طاهر ضياء ذاكرين رثايي) and Nāser Seif (ناصر سيف). Ali-Naqi Vaziri later introduced him to the acclaimed Rouhollah Khāleghi. Banān joined the Iranian National Music Association in 1942, and appeared on Iranian National Radio that same year. He then joined the orchestra of the distinguished pianist Javād Maroufi, becoming the lead vocalist. In 1957, or 1958, (1336 AH) Banān became blind in one eye (believed to be the left eye) following a car accident. Banān died at 7 o'clock on the afternoon of Thursday 27 February 1986 (8 Esfand 1364 AH) in Iranmehr Hospital in Gholhak, Tehran. He is still remembered by lovers of traditional Persian music. Among his best-remembered songs are Ey Iran, Caravan and Elahe-ye Naz.

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