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About Hejar Abdurrahman Sharafkandi or Hazhar, (Kurdish: هه‌ژار, Hejar Şerefkendî) (1920 - February 22, 1990), was a renowned Iranian-Kurdish writer, poet, linguist, and translator. He was also the brother of the Iranian-Kurdish politician Dr. Sadeq Sharafkandi (1938-1992). Dr. Sharafkandi was the second General Secretary of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (PDKI).Biography Hejar was born in the city of Mahabad in north-western Iran. He began religious studies in early childhood, but was forced to abandon it when he lost his father at the age of 17. He started writing poems in Kurdish around 1940. Through his readings, he came under the influence of famous Kurdish poets such as Malaye Jaziri, Ahmad Khani , Wafaei and Haji Qadir Koyi. He was involved in the Kurdish movement led by Qazi Muhammad and was appointed as one of the official poets of the Republic of Mahabad in 1947. After the fall of the republic, he was forced into exile. For about 30 years, he lived in different countries such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. In Iraq, he became involved in the nationalist movement led by Mustafa Barzani, with whom he developed a close friendship. In 1975, after the defeat of the movement, he moved back to Iran, and settled in the city of Karaj, where he lived until his death in February 22nd, 1990. He is buried in his home town of Mahabad. Works Hejar was one of the most prolific Kurdish writers. He has written 24 books. He is credited for many works, among which are the editing and commentary of poems of Malaye Jaziri in Sorani Kurdish , translation of Khani's works into Sorani Kurdish, translation of Koran into Kurdish, the first Kurdish-Kurdish-Persian dictionary in Iran, and translation of the poems of Khayyam into Kurdish, with the same rhythm.

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