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About Ismail YK Ismail YK, full name İsmail Yurtseven (b. July 5, 1978, Hamm, Germany), is a Turkish German pop singer and composer. YK stand for Yurtseven Kardeşler, the group he was a member of at the start of his career.Biography İsmail YK is the youngest of five Yurtseven brothers, and with his other four brothers went into music forming Yurtseven Kardeşler. Period with Yurtseven Kardeşler Yurtseven Kardeşler (literally the Yurtseven Brothers in Turkish), YK for short, was at the beginning an amateur band working through Germany where they used to reside. Between 1985 and 1987, they released two amateur albums and gained some attention. Their break came with an appearance in 1988 in German ZDF television channel's "Nachbarn in Europa" programme. Yurtseven Kardeşler relatively successful albums included: Bir Tek Sen / Barış Olsun in 1998 with Akbaş Müzik label, Toprak in 2000 with Akbaş Müzik label and De Bana / Of Anam Of in 2001 with joint Akbaş Müzik/Türküola label. In 2004, after searching for bigger labels, the Avrupa Müzik offered them a contract and the album Şimdi Halay Zamanı in 2004 and Seni Hiç Aşık Oldun Mu? in 2007 were released finding huge success in Turkey in addition to Ismail YK's personal solo successes. Solo career Ismail YK became popular in May 2004 when he released his first solo album titled Şappur Şuppur. The album sold 1 million copies in Turkey as well as Germany, making it the top album seller of 2004 in Turkey. In May 2006 Ismail released his second album called Bombomba.com . It sold 600,000 copies yet again becoming the best selling album in Turkey for 2006. In May 2008, he released his third album titled Bas Gaza that was number 1 on the Turkish Top 20 Chart for 7 weeks during June-July 2008.

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