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About Khaled Abol Naga Khaled Abol Naga is an Egyptian actor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors.Early years Khaled Abol Naga was born on November 2, 1966 in Egypt. At an early age, Khaled was interested in the acting and the theater world. He was only twelve years old when he released his first movie Genoun El Hob (Madness of Love) along with very famous and respected Egyptian actors, Naglaa Fathy and Hussein Fahmy. Khaled Abol Naga attended St. George's College, Cairo for his early education; then he graduated from telecommunication engineering in the Ain Shams University. Meanwhile, he dedicated his time to his favorite hobby, which is acting and participated in the Theatre Department of the American University in Cairo. Being part of this program gave Khaled the possibilities to act in the University’s drama production. Over time, Khaled realized his talent for acting and that is when he decided to spend the year of 1997 and to leave to the USA. There he decided to study film acting, cinematography, and directing to educate himself about his own talent. Mid years It was in the year 1999 when Khaled’s successful career started. He was offered several opportunities to host different TV programs. In 2000, Abol Naga was awarded for Best New TV Announcer. He was then chosen to host a very popular TV program in Egypt, Good Morning Egypt in which he was successful until the end of 2001 where he decided it was time to move on and try something new. His true career of acting started when he was selected by Daoud Abdel Sayed, a well known and respected director, to act in Mowaten We Mokhber We Haramy. By the end of 2002, Khaled joined a different type of acting project, which was a comedy musical called West El Balad in where he had the opportunity to demonstrate the public his other talent for singing. Recent Work After he was done with the musical, Khaled was then offered the role of one of the lead actors in Sahar El Layali (Sleepless Nights). This was a very successful movie that resulted in an enormous hit in the summer of 2003. Later on in 2003, Khaled was awarded best actor at the ‘Damascus International Film Festival’. He also won an Egyptian Oscar for acting in 2004. After Sahar El Layali, Khaled acted in another five movies in a very short amount of time. His following movies were: Yom El Karama (Dignity Day) which was released in 2004. Hob El Banat (Girl’s Love) was also released in 2004. The year 2005, was a very hectic year for Khaled, in which he released three movies; Harb Italia (Italian war), Malek wa Ketaba (Heads and Tails), Banat West El Balad (Downtown Girls). In 2006, he starred in The Game of Love and Civic Duty, in both of which he appears as lead actor. Abol Naga is known for gathering Best Actor awards every year locally in Egypt and internationally from International Film Festivals, He is also known as a stand up comedian in his own show on TV, Egyptian film maker, and hosting as well as interviewing in TV programs. Khaled also started and presented BBCe!, a weekly bi-lingual radio programme (Arabic an

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