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About Krasimir Radkov Krasimir Radkov - Krasi Radkov (Bulgarian: Красимир Радков - Краси Радков) is a famous Bulgarian comedy actor born 24 April1971 in Vratza. He is well known on television and at the theatre. He graduated the Spanish language class at the Grammar Language School in Vratza and completed his university education at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFIZ) in 1994 specializing in Doll Acting. He worked at the Dramatic Theatre in Vratza between 1995 and 2000 and has worked in the "Aleko Konstantinov" Satiric Theatre since 2000. He has over 30 roles with two nominations for ASKEER. Since 2004 he has worked in Slavi's show - a Bulgarian evening talk show. Some of the popular characters he plays there are: * Gatzo Batzov - the satiric role of a footballer (soccer player) who often appears on the show to comment on football events in Bulgaria and Europe. * Professor Huligan Kuchkov - a mock-up of Prof. Julian Vuchkov * The rapper Ceko Sifonia * Father Naforforii * Shile Popiordanov - a shepherd and many more. He has also worked at the "Melpomena" theatre since 2004. He appeared in the 2003 film "I Am David" (US, Director Paul Feig)

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