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About Lalla Hasna Princess Lalla Hasna of Morocco (born November 19, 1967) is the youngest daughter of the late King Hassan II and his wife, Lalla Latifa Hammou. She is sister to the current king, Mohammed VI and Prince Moulay Rachid. Since her childhood, Princess Hasna has been interested in social and cultural activities, with special emphasis to environmental issues in Morocco. In 1999 she launched the national campaign for the protection of the environment and gave the prize for the most beautiful and cleanest beach in Morocco. To shore up her work, the Mohammed VI Foundation for the protection of the environment was created in 2001 and chaired by Princess Hasna. She presides over the governing board of the foundation and regularly pays on the terrain visits to sensitize the population about environmental issues. In 2002, Princess Hasna set up the prize of young reporters for the environment and in 2003 a prize for photography annually awarded on the international environment day. Princess Hasna and Dr. Khalid Benharbit, a cardiologist, married in Rabat in 1991 and they have two daughters: * Lalla Oumaïma Benharbit, born 22 December 1995) * Lalla Oulaya Benharbit, born 20 October 1997)

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