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About Maziar Maziar (Persian: مازیار ) was an Iranian aristocrat of the House of Karen and feudal ruler of the mountainous region of Tabaristan (present-day Mazandaran, Iran). For his resistance to the Arabs, Maziar is considered one of the national heroes of Greater Iran. Maziar, a devout Zoroastrian, revolted against the Arab Muslim occupation of Iranian lands in the 9th century CE.His revolt begin in 839 AD in era of Al-Mu'tasim. Along with Babak Khorramdin, he repulsed many Arab armies sent against him. According to the medieval historian Ibn Esfandyar in his Tarikh-e-Tabaristan, Maziar is said to have proclaimed: "Afshin Kheydar, son of Kavus and Babak, and I had made an oath and allegiance that we take the country back from the Arabs and transfer the government and the country back to the family of Kasraviyan" Maziar was eventually betrayed by his brother Kuhyar and captured by Arab forces. He was imprisoned in Baghdad awaiting execution when he drank poison and ended his life in order to avoid humiliation at the hands of the Caliph's executioners. Maziar or Mah-Izad-Yar means "protected by the yazata of the moon".

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