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About Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mehmet Âkif Ersoy (1873, Istanbul - 27 December 1936, Istanbul) was a Turkish poet of Albanian origin from Peja city (Republic of Kosovo), author, academic, member of parliament, and the poet of the Turkish National Anthem. Widely regarded as one of the premiere literary minds of his time, Ersoy was further noted for his command of the Turkish language, as well as his patriotism and piousness and his support for the Turkish War of Independence. As a gesture of gratitude, a framed version of the national anthem typically occupies the wall above the blackboard in the classrooms of every public as well as most private schools around Turkey, along with a Turkish flag, a photograph of the country's founding father Atatürk, and a copy of Atatürk's famous inspirational speech to the nation's youth. He currently has a university in his name in Burdur. Ersoy's portrait was depicted on the reverse of the Turkish 100 lira banknotes of 1983-1989.

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