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About Mehmet Özdilek Mehmet Özdilek (Born 1 April 1966, Samsun) Nicknamed Şifo Mehmet. He began his football life at Ladikspor/Samsun. When he was 16 Kahramanmaraşspor scouted him and transferred in. He was the topscorer in the season 1987-88 when Kahramanmaraşspor was the champion of the 2. Turkish League. After the promotion of his team he went to Beşiktaş J.K.. He played there for many successful years scoring many fantastic goals. He retired from football in 2001 when Beşiktaş J.K. played a match against the AC Milan side of Fatih Terim which Beşiktaş won 2-1. In 2005 during a World Cup qualifier between Turkey and Switzerland, he kicked a Swiss footballer which sparked a massive brawl between both sets of players and culminated in his resignation as assistant coach of the Turkish national team. The event was largely out of character for a man who didn't receive a single red card and was reputed for his great sportsmanship.

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