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About Mohamed Saad Mohamed Saad (Arabic: محمد سعد‎) is an Egyptian film actor active since 2000. After several supporting roles, Saad took the lead being a stupid crazy nuthead that every one hates in El Lembi (2002; the name, that of Saad's character, is a play on the name of one of Egypt's colonial figures, High Commissioner Edmund Allenby). Playing the film's "illiterate, inefficient, slow, stoned and drunk" hero, Saad "invests his first leading role with a hyperactive physical energy especially evident in dance sequences." The comedy became one of the highest-grossing films in Egyptian cinema. Between 2003 and 2005, Saad played similar characters in three further films including one of his most successful movies "Ely Baly Balak". In 2006, Saad starred in Katkout (The Chick), in which he played a hopeless Upper Egyptian who stumbles into a career as a boxer and crimefighter. Cairo online magazine Yallabina criticized the film for relying on Saad's physical comedy at the expense of story and script. Most recently he starred in the comedy, Boshkash.

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