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About Mohsen Hashtroodi Mohsen Hashtroodi (Persian: محسن هشترودی) (December 13, 1908, Tabriz — September 4, 1976, Tehran) was an Iranian mathematician. His father, Shaikh Esmāeel Mojtahed was an advisor to Shaikh Mohammad Khiābāni who played a significant role in the establishment of the parliamentary democracy in Iran during and after the Iranian Constitutional Revolution. Mohsen Hashtroodi attended Sirus and Aghdasieh primary schools in Tehran and subsequently studied at the élite school of Dar ol-Fonoon, also in Tehran, from where he graduated in 1925. He obtained his doctoral degree in mathematics in 1936 as student of Élie Cartan in France. He was a Distinguished Professor of University of Tehran. One of the Prizes of Iranian Mathematical Society is named after Professor Hashtroodi. Mohsen Hashtroodi married Robāb Modiri in 1944. They had two daughters, Farānak and Faribā, and one son, Rāmin. Professor Hashtroodi is buried in the Behesht-e Zahra cemetery in Tehran.

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