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About Moustafa Mosharafa Ali Moustafa Mosharafa Pasha (11 July 1898 - 16 January 1950 ) was an Egyptian mathematician and physicist who was professor of applied mathematics, the Faculty of Science at Cairo University. He contributed to the development of the quantum theory as well as the theory of relativity and corresponded with Albert Einstein.Mosharafa was one of the distinguished few who were in close contact with the great scientist Einstein. He enriched Einstein's theory on relativity. He was an Arab pioneer in natural sciences. He wrote 26 significant researches including theoretical explanations of natural phenomena. He expounded a theory which facilitated the study of the basic structure of the atom. Mosharafa was born the 11 July, 1898 in Damietta. Members of his family were known for their piety and interest in science. His father was a religious scholar who belonged to the school of Gamal Al-Din Al-Afghani and Mohammed Abdou. He wrote several interpretations of the verses of Qur'an and was known as the originator of the fifth doctrine for his valuable independent judgments and opinions. He was the youngest student in his class, but the most knowledgeable. He obtained his primary certificate in 1910 ranking first nationwide. At the age of 16 he obtained his Baccalaureate in 1914, the youngest student at that time to be awarded such a certificate. He preferred to enroll in the Teachers' College rather than the faculties of Medicine or Engineering due to his deep interest in mathematics. He graduated in 1917. Due to his excellence in mathematics, the Egyptian Ministry of Education sent him to England where he obtained BSc ( Honors) from the University of Nottingham, 1920.

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