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About Nasser Al-Saeed Nasser Al-Saeed is the first opposition to the regime in Saudi Arabia since its inception in 1932. Al-Nasser was born in the city of Hail in north-central Arabian Peninsula in 1923 "after the fall of the barrier, however, Abdul-Aziz Al Saud one year." Moved to Dhahran in 1947 to work in the extraction of oil and refined with Aramco and lived with the rest of Saudi workers in difficult conditions led his colleagues with a series of strikes to demand better living conditions, residential and bowed to the company Mmtalibhm. In 1953, Nasser led the uprising of workers to support a claim Palestine was arrested and sent to a prison in al-Ahsa slaves and released later under house arrest in the city of Hail, after the death of King Abdul Aziz held a reception for the new Lmk (Saud) in the city of Hail, Al-Nasser gave a speech in which students the proclamation of the constitution of the country and to reform the organization and financial resources of the state and the protection of political rights and free speech rights of citizens and the rights of Shiites, and in 1956 departed from the Hail to Egypt after the information relates to the issuance of a warrant of arrest and execution. Ashraf Nasser Al-radio programs in opposition to Saudi rule in the Voice of the Arabs in Egypt and then moved to South Yemen in 1963 and established the Office of the opposition there. He moved to Damascus and then to Beirut, was kidnapped at December 17, 1979 for the benefit of the Saudi state. Introduction of the publisher of the book "Facts of oppression Saudi Arabia": He was born after the fall of Nasser Al-Hail in the hands of Abdul Aziz, one year or in 1923, where the hatred of the people of Hail to Ibn Saud on the most to the point that they were firing on babies born after the fall Hail children fall, "says Nasser looked to when they look not to the desirability of birth "and if they do not want no one is born after the fall of Hail, however, the enemies." In this atmosphere, raising hatred of Nasser Al-Saud, where his grandmother Well happy gathering of women every Thursday, and receive lectures deeds are like a politically neutral, and Al-Nasser said the names of some victims of family in the defense of Hail, including Abdullah and Issa Al-Issa, Suleiman Al-Saeed Al-Fahad Al-Saeed. The Nasser said he entered the prison with his grandmother when he was a boy, as his grandmother refused to charity and send them to the bin Hail Abdul Aziz bin Galloway Assistant with one of the servants, then there was the novelty hit, but the old server, and taking possession, and until released by the people of Hail keen governor Abdul Aziz Assistant Bin Ali Bin Jalawi Stmha, and that was in 1930.

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