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About Nazariy Yaremchuk Nazariy Yaremchuk (Ukrainian: Назарій Яремчук; November 30, 1951 - June 30, 1995) was a well-known Hutsul Ukrainian singer, born in the village of Rivnya, Chernivtsi oblast. In 1963 he finished the Byznytsk middle school no.1. After an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Geographical faculty of the Chernivtsi university spent some time working as a seismographer in the Western-Ukrainian Geo-reconnaissance Party. With the agreement of the commander of his army group, he learned a course for drivers. It was here that his ability was noticed by the Manager of the vocal-instrumental ensemble Smerichka. In autumn that year the young Nazariy began to sing in Smerichka along with the singer Sofia Rotaru.

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