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About Ömer Seyfettin Ömer Seyfettin, also Omer Seyfeddin, (March 11, 1884, Gönen – March 6, 1920, Istanbul) was a Turkish nationalist writer from late 19th to early 20th century, considered to be one of the greatest modern Turkish authors. His work is much praised for simplifying the Turkish language from the Persian and Arabic words and phrases that were common at the time.Biography Ömer Seyfettin was born in Gönen, a town in Balıkesir Province, in 1884. Son of a military official, he spent his early life travelling around the coast of Marmara Sea. He graduated from a military veterinary academy in 1896, followed by a prolonged military education that lasted until the 1903 events in Macedonia. After serving in the conflict as infantry second lieutenant, he was posted as an instructor in a military school in İzmir. This position was an opportunity for Seyfettin to improve his French, and interact with like-minded young writers.

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Madem ki TÜRK'üz, o halde TÜRK gibi yürür, TÜRK gibi düşünür, TÜRK gibi duyarız ve TÜRK gibi yazarız. - Ömer Seyfettin
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