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About Osman Hajy Marouf Osman Hajy Marouf (عوسمانی حاجی مارف; also known as Amjad Ghafur;) is an Iraqi Marxist politician and current Secretary-General of the Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan.Life Born 1954 in the Northern Iraqi city of Suleimania. He moved to Baghdad to study law and graduated as lawer in the University of Baghdad in 1979. Political life Marouf started his political career as Marxist active in the Baghdad University. He was one of the founders of Kargaran organization (Workers organization) and member of its leadership since 1978. In 1983 there was a split in Kargaran organization and Marouf with some other comrades founded a Rawti-communist organization (Communist Perspective Organization). Rawti-communist widened all over Northern Iraq and later also to other part of Iraq. Rawti-communist was illegal during Baath- regime and Marouf used pen-name Amjad Ghafur. Rawti-communist also have rivality with kurdish nationalist parties, particularly with Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. Rawti-communist soon move toward Worker-communism trend and starts co-operation with Communist Party of Iran and it's Worker-communist faction leading by Mansoor Hekmat. In 1993 Rawti-communist with other leftist parties in Iraq founded Worker-Communist Party of Iraq and Marouf elected as it's first secretary-general. From 1998 to 2002 he was vice secretary-general and from 2002 to 2007 Marouf was head of political bureau. In March 2008 after establishment of Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan, Marouf was elected as General Secretary.

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