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About Poorya Poorsorkh Iranian cinema and television series actor is. He is a PhD student Plant Physiology before the cinema art activities as a journalist in the press, including art and social world was young and she used a company simultaneously Activity was also advertising in Dubai.His knowledge of the accident with Mr. Latifi the party took a series produced for the game and fulfill his great escape was invited. Pourya poor in 1385 with the Red game series Sahbdlan and introduced as the new face on this path after the with playing various roles and numerous other continued.The films in this year boys brick (Majid Qaryzadh) and Guest (Saeed Asadi) and Miss Passion (M. Atyaby) has been presented. He interested doctor Mohammad Esfahani is sound. Cinema 1388: ungrateful (Hassan Hedayat) 1388: light red (Ali Ghaffari) 1388: Bad (Peyman Abbasi) (Short Film) 1388: Milk and Honey (Arash Myryan) 1388: Looking for happiness (February Goudarzi) 1387: Anahita (Allah Hamid's race) 1387: Memories (writer) (Nader Way) 1387: heart blood (Mohammad Reza Rahmani) 1387: first movement (Farhad Najafi) 1387: 14 carat (Parviz Shahbazi) 1385: brick boys (born Mjydqary) 1385: Third Day (Mohammad Hossein Latifi) 1385: Miss Passion (M. Atyaby) 1385: Guest (Saeed Asadi) 1384: Crime and Jnhh (Hamid Reza Mohseni) Television series Rstgaran (Director: Cyrus Moghaddam - 1388) (TV Special Summer) Day ???? (Director: Cyrus Moghaddam - 1387) (TV Special Ramadan) Shkranh (Director: Saeed Soltani - 1386) (TV Special Ramadan) The sand (Director: Bahram Bahramian - 1386) (TV series) Sahbdlan (Director: Mohammad Hossein Latifi - 1385) (TV Special Ramadan) Vafa (Director: Mohammad Latifi - 1385) (TV series ball flower) The Great Escape (Director: Mohammad Hossein Latifi - 1384) (TV Special decade Festival) Awards 1385, candidate, Phoenix Best Actor crystal, the third day.

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