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About Reza Yazdani Reza Yazdani (Persian: رضا يـزدانی) is an Iranian rock music singer and songwriter.Biography Born in 1973 in Tehran, Reza Yazdani graduated from IAU in Wood & Paper Technology. He started playing music earlier however, since the age of 15. Reza has released 3 albums to date under a record label in Iran. In his his first album "Shahr-e Del" (City of Love) released in 2001, Yazdani uses lyrics that are based on poems from the medieval poet "Molana". In 2003 Yazdani released "Parande bi Parande" (Bird no bird), his second album. This record was more independent, and was composed entirely by Reza himself and arranged by Hamid Reza Sadri. In 2007, Yazdani released his third album "Hiss" which had a soft rock tone. Reza's sound is a crossover between the old school 70's Persian pop icons like Fereydoon Foroughi, and more classic rock sounds. In an interview, Yazdani complained about the rock music status in Iran, saying that he does "see a bright future for Iranian rock musicians if only Ershad (The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance) let musicians be."

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