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About Sadegh Zadeh Kazem Sadegh-Zadeh (born 23 April 1942) is an analytic philosopher of medicine. He studied medicine and philosophy at the German universities of Münster, Berlin, and Göttingen with Internship and residency 1967-1971, assistant professor 1972-1982, full professor of philosophy of medicine at the University of Münster 1982-2004. Sadegh-Zadeh was born in Tabriz, Iran. He is the founder of the analytic philosophy of medicine. His international recognition came especially through his work on clinical logic and methodology, including fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence in medicine. He is the founding editor of the international journals Metamed, founded in 1977 (current title: Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, published by Springer Verlag) and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, founded in 1989 (published by Elsevier). Among his extensive work are the following innovative theories: theory of medicine, theory of fuzzy biopolymers, the prototype resemblance theory of disease, and theory of the Machina Sapiens.

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