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About Sagopa Kajmer Sagopa Kajmer - (a.k.a. DJ Mic Check and Silahsız Kuvvet) (born 1978, Samsun) real-name Yunus Özyavuz, is a Turkish rap artist, producer and DJ. He is also pioneer of the Pesimist Rap, a subgenre of Turkish Hip Hop.Vocational Life Sagopa Kajmer (Yunus Özyavuz), began his music life in Samsun, as a local radio DJ. In the meantime Rapper M.C (Rapper and DJ Mic Check Mic Check with the name) was using the name müstear. 1998 'in the underground rap world is still considered a formation Kuvvetmira' t established. Still he Kuvvetmira group, Kolera and blockade Alarm are available. 1999 'da "unarmed Force" mahlas the underworld operation, a gathering took place in the album. 2001 and 2002 as "unarmed forces" with the successive mahlas These are my gun and elders was called out 2 albums. Then unarmed Force mahlas to release the life and music has continued to mahlas Sagopa Kajmer. Then A pessimist's tears and Romantizma is off the album. Sagopa Kajmer and his wife Kolera (Esen Güler Özyavuz) with Melankolia Music, a record company they founded. Sagopa Kajmer this incident in an interview "Drowning, we'll drown in our own seas, said." as explained. The bilateral and the other rap artists Kuvvetmira'da's first album Music Melankolia group 'yi were removed. Sagopa Kajmer has undertaken the producer of the album again. Sagopa Kajmer, a structured world in 10 years Rap King racing, 2006 in 'Baytar' was the first with his piece. Moreover, 2008 in MTV Turkey by EMA as Hip-Hop from the category of Turkey's best artists have been nominated to be, and EMA Party, and the audience with the performance in was remarkable. In 2008 under the label Melankolia Melankolia Wears also appeared. Initiated in 2008 at the end of "My DJ" contest and in 2009 plan to remove the "underground group of" album with the rap music of the young talents to show how much importance is given. The Meaning of Sagopa Kajmer The name he uses in his musical life, Sagopa, is the name of a pyramid in Egypt. It is said that many archaeologists have fallen into a trap while working to solve the secret of this pyramid. Most recently, an archaeologist with the surname Kajmer, revealed the mystery of the pyramid; after entering the last room of the pyramid, he inscribed the words Sagopa Kajmer on the wall to symbolize that he is the one to solve the mystery. However, this archaeologist (Gerhard Kajmer) died shortly afterwards due to some air current. After this tragic event occurred, scientists who entered the pyramid with modern devices found Gerhard Kajmer's corpse, and made his name widely known for his bravery of entering the pyramid with insufficient equipment.

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