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About Serkan Anılır Serkan Anilir “Crocodile” (turkish: Serkan Anılır) (b. March 22, 1973) is a Turkish-origin architect, author, futurist, and animation director. He is a popularizer of science, host of a TV- and radio program and a best-selling author.Currently living in Tokyo, Anilir is the first candidate astronaut of the Republic of Turkey and one of the most known foreigners in Japan with his projects; such as the ATA Space Elevator and Infra-Free. He is a highly-respected AI technology inventor and research supervisor for advanced technologies for future living environments. Currently, he works for the University of Tokyo and leads worlwide research efforts in future technologies including organizations like JAXA and AIAA. Anilir has published over 70 articles in journals covering topics intelligence, closed-life support systems, smart materials, and future technologies. He is also author of the popular science books: Space Elevator, Time Machine, The Space in the Pocket, and Outside of Space. Space Elevator is still a best-seller in Science and Technology field of Amazon, Japan. Both Space Elevator and Time Machine were translated into Korean and Chinese and became animation movies in Japan, which Anilir personally directed and are currently shown in most science centers in Japan such as Miraikan and Tsukuba EXPO Center, Middle and South America and Singapore. His latest book, Outside of Space, examines the possibility of a higher-dimensional environment outside our space— based on his original high-dimension physics theories that he claims; are not possible to understand today but may be in the future due to the improvements of knowledge in science and technology.

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