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About Şeyh Bedrettin Sheikh Bedrettin (1359-1420) (Ottoman Turkish: شیخ بدرالدین) was a revolutionary theologian and charismatic preacher who led a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in 1416. His full name was Şeyh Bedrettin Mahmud Bin İsrail Bin Abdülaziz. Born of mixed Muslim and Christian parentage in the Anatolian city of Simav, Bedrettin's father (Whose name was Israil) was the great-great son of the Seljuk Sultan of Rum Kaykaus II and Kadı of the town. His mother was Melek Hatun. Melek Hatun was a Greek. But she converted to Islam. Bedreddin began his education in this town. Later he went to Bursa and then to Cairo, where he heard lectures on astronomy, mathematics, logic, and philosophy. He studied law and other Islamic subjects. While in Cairo, he was tutor to the son of the Mamluk Berkuk, the first sultan of the Burji dynasty. He married Cazibe Hatun, a Mamluk princess. Amid the dynastic struggles following the Battle of Ankara and the death of Sultan Bayezid I, Musa Çelebi appointed Bedreddin chief military judge (قاضی عسکر kazasker). When in 1413 Musa's brother and chief rival Mehmet Çelebi became sultan, Bedreddin was exiled to Iznik. Sheikh Bedrettin's insurrection took place in the period after the Battle of Ankara. In this period the Ottoman Empire had become unmanageable because of the fratricides between the sultans. It was also a period of great unrest and the population suffered enormously from exaggeratedly high taxes and exploitation. Sheikh Bedrettin had a great feeling for social justice and freedom. He was an adherent of a democratically elected governing model and defended the oppressed Turkish, Greek and Jewish poor people. For this reason he organized the biggest insurrection Anatolia ever saw. His motto was: “Share all you have apart from the lips of your beloved one”. In 1416 he led the revolt against the sultan in the Aegean coastal region of Anatolia. The main uprising theme of Bedrettin and his companions (Torlak Kemal and Börklüce Mustafa)was to share the land equally among people of Karaburun and not to pay the high taxes demanded by the local representatives of the central Ottoman government.Börklüce Mustafa, after a series of initial victories on the troops of the sultan, had to withdraw on the Karaburun Peninsula with 10,000 of his men. A final battle took place in the Valley of the Torment (located between Balıklıova village and Gerence bay) on the Karaburun Peninsula , where all his men were slaughtered. Börklüce Mustafa was crucified while Sheikh Bedrettin was taken to the city of Serez where he was hung. This was the end of a remarkable uprising. After the revolt was put down, Bedreddin was hanged in 1420 at Serez and buried there. In 1961 Sheikh Bedrettin's remains were transferred from Greece to the mausoleum of Sultan Mahmud in Divanyolu, Istanbul and the date mentioned on the tomb is 1418 or 820 A.H. His writings were condemned by a number of Ottoman religious scholars such as Ismail Hakki Bursevi. Others instead praise the Sheikh. He is a popular figure among Turkey's left. Nazim Hikmet was jailed for inciting rebellion after encouraging military cadets to read Bedreddin's work. The musicians Cem Karaca and Zulfu Livaneli composed a song b

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