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About Sherif Sabri Sherif Sabri is an Egyptian Creative director, director, film, music, and TV producer. He is responsible for bringing the artist Ruby into the limelight by fully producing her debut album as well as writing, producing and directing her movie Saba' Wara'aat Kutchina, AKA 7 Playing Cards.Biography Sabri as a teenager, played the guitar for a band called Honeypot, covering Motown hits. Then he didn't pursue a career in music and studied Civil Engineering. He received his PhD degree in Engineering from King's College in UK; then he went teaching in Canada. Afterwards Sabri started working in the TV commercials production field. He gained a great success in the 1990s as he directed widespread commercials with creative ideas and catchy jingles. Sherif Sabri is one of Egypt’s most respected Creative Directors, having worked in the advertising and direct marketing industries both in Egypt and overseas for more than 28 years. Also, he has his leadership role as the founder of SSCS his own advertising agency with his partner and the General Manager of his agency Sameh Wagdy. Along the way Sherif Sabri has collected more than 25 Egyptian and International awards. The amount of awards Sabri has received also highlights his creative credentials; that's why he was chosen to direct many national campaigns in Egypt for the NDP (National Democratic Party), FGF (Future Generation Foundation) and others. As a Creative Director, Sabri embodies strong aesthetic sensibilities with a passion for and expertise in contemporary advertising technologies. Prior to SSCS, Sabri spent several years as the Creative Director for Saatchi and Saatchi UK. In this time, he has made a significant contribution in developing marketing strategies to major international brands that include DHL, Hilton Hotels, P&G, Pepsi Co., Coca Cola, and Nestle. Sabri's music video directing career started with the Egyptian artist Amr Diab, as he directed several music videos for him (Amarein, Tamalley Maak and "Wala Ala Balo". He later on directed several music videos, including the famous "Youm Wara Youm" by Samira Said and Cheb Mami. Sabri also directed the music video of "Elly Tmaneato" by Nawal Al Zoghbi, which caused a bit of stir due to the significant similarities between Sabri's music video and Spice Girls' Holler. Afterwards, Sabri met Ruby on the set of the movie Saba' Wara'aat Kotchina. Sabri has assigned Ruby with a minor role but he noticed that while she was on set she never stopped singing. This inspired him to talk to Ruby into recording her first song "Enta Aref Leih" and they shot the music video in Prague while shooting the movie Saba' Wara'aat Kotchina AKA 7 Playing Cards. He directed her to be dancing in the streets to the song, wearing a belly dancer's costume. Sabri promised Ruby fame then.

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