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About Songül Öden Songül Öden (born February 17, 1979), is a Turkish actress.Early life Born in Diyarbakır, Songül's father moved to Ankara where she spent her childhood. She graduated from the Turkish Academy of Theatrical Arts. Personal Information Songül's name literally means "Last Rose," comes from the Turkish pink rose and thus Songül is known as the " Rose of Turkey" which is due to her beauty, softness and delicateness as many people call her. Songül was married to Canberk Uçucu, but they got divorced in 2008. There is some speculation that the reason was Uçucu's jealousy of Songül and Kivanc Tatlitug's interactions/relationship during and after "Gümüş". Career Songül Öden is known in Turkey for her many theatrical roles. Songül has been acting since 2001 when she did a TV mini-series entitled "Vasiyet". After that, she acted in three other TV series "Havada bulut" (2002), "Gümüş" (2005-2007) and "Vazgeç Gönlüm" (2007-2008). In 2005, She landed the title role in the series "Gümüş" ("Silver") where she acted side by side with Kivanc Tatlitug. The series lasted for 2 years. "Gümüş" is also known by its Arabic title "Noor," became an obsession for many Arabs and it is believed that a whopping 85 million viewers watched the translated Turkish sudser throughout the Arab World when it aired in 2008 by MBC. "Gümüş" has also been adored by the Bulgarian viewers when it was broadcasted in Bulgarian by the title" Перла Еп " in 2009. The Bulgarian private TV channel bTV recently airing the show dubbed into Bulgarian with the title "Perla" ("Pearl"). Songül Öden was invited to visit Bulgaria to meet her fans and make interviews with some Bulgarian programs. Her latest series "Vazgeç Gönlüm" ("Abandoned Heart"), in which she played the leading role of "Ezra" in the second season was made in late summer/fall of 2008. She was also a feature model in multiple Turkish catalogs for top brands like Harvey Nichols, polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. "Acı Aşk" ("Bitter Love") her new film which she co-stars with Halit Ergenç, Cansu Dere and Ezgi Asaroğlu is her first-ever cinematic performance was released on December 18 2009.

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Songul Oden Rose Of Turkey is the most popular parson in the middle east. Songul is my best actress love her very much - Songül Öden
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love you songul you are the most popular actress in the middle east love you so much - Songül Öden
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All the love and the respect for my best flower songul oden - Songül Öden
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Songul is the Queen of hearts. She is the Turkish Queen. - Songül Öden
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