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About Süleyman Şah Suleyman Shah (Ottoman Turkish: سليمان شاه Süleyman Şah - Süleyman bin Kaya Alp), (died 1227). The son of Kutalmış (Kutalmish) was father of Ertuğrul, who was, in turn, the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. His other son was Saru Yatı, the father of Bay Hodja. It is said that Suleyman Shah drowned in the river Euphrates and buried in the vicinity, the place now called "Turk's Tomb" (Türk Mezarı) or "Turkish Cemetery" in the Jaber Castle and it is a sacred place for Turks. In accordance with the Article 9 of the Treaty of Ankara (1921) signed between France and Turkey, the Jaber Castle is considered as a sovereign territory of Turkey. In 1973, the castle was submerged into the reservoir lake of the newly built Tabaqah Dam. The tomb of Suleyman Shah was relocated to a designated area of 8,797 m² close to Karakozak village in Aleppo Governorate, in accordance with the negotiations between Turkish and Syrian governments. Today, a squad of Turkish gendarmerie guards this symbolic place. The tomb and its place is the only exclave of the Republic of Turkey.

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