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About Umer Sharif Omer Sharif, TI (Urdu: عمر شریف, also spelled Omer Sharif) (born 19 April 1948 in the town of Liaquatabad in Karachi, Sindh) is a legendary Pakistani stand-up comedian, stage, film and television actor, writer, director and producer. His original name is Mohammed Omer, however he changed that to Omer Sharifwhen he joined the theater and later changed that to Omer Sharif. He rose to fame due to his work on stage and his stage shows are considered among the most popular in Pakistan. He started his showbiz career from Karachi as stage performer at the age of 14. Sharif became one of the most well known stage performers in Pakistan after his extremely popular 1985 comedy stage plays Bakra Qistoon Pay and Buddha Ghar Pe Hai. In both of them he starred along with another comedy legend Moin Akhter. Much of the success comes from the fact that he started to record his stage shows and the videocassettes were rented out in a similar fashion to movies. Yes Sir Eid, No Sir Eid, followed by Bakra Qistoon Pay were the first stage shows to come out on video. Bakra Qistoon Pay is considered to be the show that made stage plays what they are today in Pakistan. Before the advent of Bakra Qistoon Pay majority stage shows in Pakistan used to be classy with rather poetic dialogs. After Bakra Qistoon Pay (Goat on installments) stage shows became a vibrant, majorly comical (and often gritty) part of the Pakistani culture. It has also sparked many sequels. He has also produced films like Mr. 420, Mr. Charlie, Miss Fitna, etc. The popularity of Bakra Qistoon Pay also crossed the border into India as well and Umer Sharif became a famous name in India as well. Many of his famous dialogues were copied in Bollywood movies. Sharif is in process of completing his first Indian movie, Tum Mere Ho, as a director. He also was a judge in the famous Indian comedy show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge along with Siddu and Shekar suman.

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