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About Ustad Awalmir Ustad Awalmir (Pashto: استاد اولمیر) (born 1931 Peshawar, British India) – (died April 24, 1982 in Kabul, Afghanistan) was an ethnic Afghan composer, musician, singer and poet who wrote and sang in the Pashto language. He received the title of Ustad from the Ministry of Culture and Information. Awalmir's mother died in his childhood yet he graduated from the 10th grade. He started to learn music from Ustad Jafar in Peshawar and while he was a student of Ustad Jafer he performed several concerts. He continued learning music from other music teachers of the time and began to perform for radio broadcasts. His first song at Peshawar Radio station was (My Heart Has Broken Pieces) ( زړگى مې شو ټوټې ټوټې ) . At 18 he visited Kabul in order to perform at the Independence Day concert and remained there for the rest of his life. He made a breakthrough into performing on the Afghan radio station through the help of the poet Malang Jan. His output consists of over 250 magnificent songs as well as a great collection of self-composed songs. Malang Jan became a personal friend. Awalmir set his poems to music, which led him the honor of the title Ustad from the Ministry of Culture and Information. He spent the rest of his days as a beggar in the streets of Kabul, where he eventually lost his life. His tomb is located in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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