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About Valy Hedjasi Valy Hedjasi (Persian: ولی حجازی - Walī Ḥedjāzī), known as Valy, is a Persian singer based in Germany. He has gained recognition since his first two singles Delama Shekoondi and Bia Tu were released from his album After Love. His third single Qatanghani has received fame as well. His forthcoming single is Dokhtar-e Kabuli and his album After Love was released in October 2007.Life Valy was born in Mashhad, Iran on May 29, 1986. When Valy was still young, his family left Iran and moved to Heidelberg, Germany where he spent his childhood. He was interested in music from his early years, and as both his parents were musicians as well, they taught him early on. In addition to his parents, various artists from Afghanistan and Iran also contributed to his upbringing as a singer. This was also the first time that he came in contact with Avang Music, an Iranian-American record label. One singer who taught and influenced Valy was the late Nasrat Parsa. As he was educated by these various musicians, he not only learned many different styles of music, but also became more aware of his of his identity, culture and heritage. By 2006, Valy became well-known as a singer, and by 2007, he released his first album, After Love. He appeared in numerous television interviews and his fanbase grew. Following the release of his first album, he went on his first tour (December 21, 2007 – January 5, 2008), in which he visited Canada and the United States. His second tour, which started on May 11, 2008, included visits to various European countries, Australia, the U.S., and nations in Asia. His latest song, Setareh (Sitara), is a mix of Persian and Pashto.

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